Customer Stories

Here are some case studies on how NVISION is helping its customers do more.

Mission Impossible Made Possible

NVISION has seen it all, with a dedicated and experienced team in the industry — we know how to handle any situation, no matter how challenging it may be.

“I would like to thank NVISION, who made it possible for Hyva to deliver the best results to our customers in the pandemic. Hyva is the only supplier that delivered on time, and we are presented in Hyva’s global conference as a best practice showcase. Our supply chain resilience won’t exist without your unending support.”
Supply Chain Manager @Hyva Asia

Bit of Background

Our client, Hyva Asia, is a Singapore-based company that manufactures hydraulic equipment for commercial vehicles. The company started out as a small business in the Netherlands, but it quickly grew to become an international leader in that industry.

In mid-2021, Hyva Asia was awarded a government project, so once again they reached out to NVISION to plan and manage their shipping process. The project was about getting a total of 50 containers of hydraulic equipment to ship from their factories in China to Singapore within 30 days.

But with Covid-19 restrictions in place, this was no easy way forward. Plus, their factory can only load a maximum of 4 containers per day due to the complication of the loading process for said commodity.

So, what was the strategy? How to tackle the difficulties and still meet the expected demand?

In today's case study, we will share how NVISION’s tailored solutions helped Hyva make it against all odds.

Difficulties and Challenges

In normal times, this would have been a tough but manageable task. However, the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions threw a spanner in the works.

Nothing was really going according to plan.

City lockdowns: The factory in Yang Zhou, China, was forced to a lockdown due to rising Covid-19 cases. Limited manpower meant that delays seemed inevitable.

Pressure from the government: Singapore government started to worry about whether Hyva could catch up with the project timeline.

Constant changes in vessel schedules: Shipping lines were constantly changing their vessel schedules due to the pandemic, which made the initial deadline impossible to meet.

Global equipment shortage: Spike in demand, heavy congestion at ports, scarce resources - all these resulted in a severe shortage of containers and other equipment around the world.

In addition, the factory could only load a maximum of 4 containers per day, which further complicated matters.

All eyes were on NVISION to see how we would solve this problem.

NVISION’s Solution

Despite the pandemic and all the difficulties, NVISION was able to come up with a solution that met the needs of both Hyva Asia and the factory.
We worked out a contingency plan that would allow Hyva to ship the required number of containers within the timeframe.

How Did NVISION Achieve this?
As mentioned, the key was working closely with the shipping lines to get space on vessels, working with haulage partners and terminals to ensure container equipment was available, as well as coordinating with the factory to ensure that containers were ready for loading in a timely manner.

Always A Backup
This is not a game of chance. So we don't put all our eggs in one basket, so to speak. There has to be a Plan B - and sometimes even a Plan C. And this is what NVISION did for Hyva Asia. We came up with several backup plans that would allow us to ship the containers regardless of the restrictions in place.

Plan A: Load the containers in Yangzhou and ship them via Shanghai Port, then connect them to a Singapore-bound vessel.

Plan B: In the event that lockdowns in Shanghai were not lifted in time, we would have then arranged for the containers to be shipped from Ningbo Port (a city nearby Shanghai)

Fortunately, this was not necessary as the situation in Shanghai stabilized.

But you get the idea – we always have a contingency plan to stay on track no matter what.

Foresee The Unseen
No one could have foreseen the pandemic and all the challenges that came with it. However, what sets NVISION apart from the competition, is our ability to adapt to any situation and find solutions that others don't see.

For example, being delayed in a previous port can cause a ripple effect that delays a vessel in its future ports.

We knew it, so we didn't just end up sitting around and waiting for things to happen. Instead, we took proactive measures to prevent any further delays. We were tracking the vessels closely so that we could be one step ahead and make necessary adjustments to avoid delays.

Flexibility Is Key
We understand that things can change at the last minute, especially during these uncertain times. So, we are always prepared.

For example, to secure vessel space, we worked with multiple shipping lines instead of just one or two. We always made sure to have a few options so that we could switch if there were delays with one particular carrier. That gave us the flexibility to choose the best option at any given time.

Provided that we had good long-term relationships with some of the shipping lines, we didn't have to be penalized in case of cancellation.

Keep Calm And Carry On
It is easier said than done, but keeping a cool head is important when things are not going according to your initial plan.

Rushing into a decision without a well-thought-out plan can often do more harm than good. Carefully weighing the odds and taking the time to consider all your options is crucial in making every decision along the way.

And this is something that NVISION takes pride in – our ability to remain calm under pressure and make decisions based on what is best for our clients.

Final Results

Both Hyva Asia and the Singapore government were extremely satisfied with the outcome: All 50 containers were safely shipped to Singapore within a matter of 30 days — despite the pandemic and all the challenges that came with it.

And we are proud to have been able to help our client, Hyva Asia, in a time of need.In an industry as competitive as freight forwarding, it is important to choose a company that you can trust and rely on.

NVISION is such a company.

With a dedicated and experienced team in the industry, we have seen it all – and we know how to handle any situation, no matter how challenging it may be.We are also grateful for the trust that our clients have in us, and we will continue to design solutions that move their business forward and work hard to live up to their expectations.