Our Story & Mission

We are committed to continuously improving our global supply chain and enhancing our customers' experience.

Chaotic Control in the early days

Our roots go back to the beginning of the golden age for Hong Kong logistics, the 1980s.

Those were the days when the telephone, Telex machine and typewriters ruled the industry, followed by the arrival of the first generation of bespoke computers and operating systems for the trade, and finally email.

And yet despite advancements in technology, logistics is still chaotic. 

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Why NVISION was born

People continue to navigate heavy paperwork, lack of visibility and transparency, outdated software, endless email chains, tedious workflows, multiple stakeholders, etc.; which result in wasted time, frustration and ultimately stress. 

So, we set out to change that and NVISION was born.

NVISION's mission

NVISION’s mission is to transform the industry and users’ lives for the better, and revolves around several simple premises: 

  • Stop wasting time on manual tasks that you hate.
  • Logistics should be simple and stress free, with customers in control and empowered with data and tools that make it easier to work and collaborate.
  • Ultimately, freight forwarding should be efficient, transparent and enjoyable.