Customer Stories

Here are some case studies on how NVISION is helping its customers do more.

Emergency Handling

Emergencies can happen and delays are often costly. NVISION’s experience and expertise will always bring you peace of mind in times of crisis.

“I want to give a shout-out to NVISION’s service. Because they are always able to bring out solid solutions to even the most complex challenges and are always reliable, no matter what the situation is.”
A well-known manufacturing company

Bit of Background

The client is a well-known manufacturing company that operates in several countries around the world. So recently, the client had a shipment booked from the US to Hong Kong/China through a European gateway airport.

Everything looked so promising until the Russia-Ukraine war broke out. And you've probably guessed it: Nearly all flights were canceled. The next thing you know, the shipment was held up in a transit hub in Europe with no signs of moving anytime soon.

Worst timing ever, a horrible situation to be in.

  • Flights became suddenly unavailable
  • Shipment was stuck in the transit airport
  • The lead time was heavily impacted
  • The production was at risk, not to mention the potential financial loss
  • The raging covid made things even tougher

Short in both time and options, the client needed a solution urgently to get their shipment to the final destination safely and quickly.

Luckily we didn't give up that easily.

We Had to Act and Act Fast

Now, this is how NVISION came in and saved the day.

First and foremost, NVISION quickly stepped in and negotiated with the airline in both the booking station at the origin and the transit hub to get the shipment moving again.

Working tirelessly, we were able to find a solution that allowed the transshipment clearance to be completed by appointing local brokerage professionals and providing necessary document proofs.

There was no room for error.

With the help of NVISION's amazing customer care team, we were able to successfully re-route the shipment to another Asia hub - Singapore.

NVISION wasted no time in appointing another broker to clear the cargo as transshipment via Singapore airport. From there, it was finally a smooth journey to Hong Kong.

The client was amazed by how NVISION's team went above and beyond to solve the problem at hand in such a difficult time.

In the end, the shipment arrived at the final destination safely and on time.

The Results

The client was very happy with the result and was thankful that NVISION’s agility and critical thinking saved their shipment - and their production!

NVISION had rescued the client's cargo from a potential delay of another 15+ days and was able to keep their production line running as scheduled.

But it also goes to show how important it is to have a reliable partner that you can count on in a time of emergency. Rest assured, NVISION always provides solutions you can rely on - even in the most difficult times.